A Breath Into Silence

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It just keeps growing! Ack!

There is a plot, I swear. We just have a lot more planets to cover before it all makes sense. :)

Thank you for sticking with me as I write this series!!! This is my first time trying a lot of these writing styles, so any reviews or comments would be amazing.

Jupiter shakes his fist ----- the storm begins to brew on the horizon

April 29, 2019


i. children. we were young and free, scraping our knees on hot asphalt and coming home bruised from the trees we climbed. "boys will be boys," they said, and our parents shook their heads at us; we shook our fists at them when they turned away. the band-aids on our elbows became battle scars, proof that we were victorious. 

ii. kindergarten. we lay restless on the floor, closed our eyes and pretended to sleep. we wreaked havoc with paint and marker, painting the classroom into the adventure-land we craved. we were inseparable, like always, evanandash foreverandever.

iii. elementary school graduation. your parents didn't come to see you graduate, but mine did. it was okay, you said, fists clenched like you were going into battle. we gorged ourselves on ice cream after; chocolate-chip-cookie-dough and double-chocolate in alternating stacks. diplomas and sticky hands and battle scars still on our elbows from all our tumbles.

iv. middle school. we knew before anybody else, and there was never any question about what to do. i was there for you, and we were evanandashley foreverandever. you said ash was a nickname, something special i could call you anyway. and we gripped each others hands, clenched our fists like we were going into battle. telling the truth was easy; the aftermath was hard.

v. high school. we were apart, but still as close as ever. the band-aids we wore as battle scars peeled away, but we were still defiant. we shook our fists at the sky; the sky shook its fist back. together, we vowed to set off on another adventure, this time outside the atmosphere. and it's evanandashley, still, but less sweet and more sorrowful. your parents hurt, hurting us and each other in their denial. now you spend more and more time hiding at my house, and we stare at the night sky together so we're never lonely.


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  • Lovegood_24


    7 months ago
  • A Breath Into Silence


    Oh! Thank you so much! I'm glad people love this series - it really means a lot to me. :)

    8 months ago
  • Lovegood_24

    So good! I just discovered your last piece to this and have been reading them all all over again!! I love this mini series so so much!

    8 months ago