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Water Levels in White Bear Lake’s Condition

March 15, 2016

What would White Bear lose if the lake that represented the town ran dry?  This could actually happen; water levels in White Bear have been decreasing at an alarming rate. Due to this the city council really needs to take action and fix this problem.
    Firstly, citizens of White Bear Lake should really save water the best they could because all of the water we get in White Bear comes from the lake. According to Paul Putzier,“White Bear Lake saw about an inch of rain almost every week this summer, Putzier said. He also said temperatures rarely exceeded 90 degrees, which helping to reduce evaporation. And those combined meant water usage from the aquifer below the lake was down because residents didn't need to water their lawns, he adds,”(Pioneer Press). In other words, all of our water comes from the aquifer but recently, residence of White Bear have not needed to do certain things meaning that the lake has gone up slightly, could not doing these things help the lake?
    Second, another reason why White Bear citizens might want to conserve water is because only conservation can raise the lakes levels back to normal. Valory Schoenecker stated, “Whether you are on city water or utilizing a well water system, the water is coming from the same groundwater source; the Prairie du Chien aquifer,“.(White Bear Lake Restoration Association) This means no matter where you are in White Bear, you are using the water from the Prairie du Chien aquifer.
    Next, a third reason could be that businesses will lose money if the lake levels get too low. Valory Schoenecker stated, “Until the end of the 1970s, the region relied more on the Mississippi River than other sources. But as the region grew, so did the reliance on groundwater to meet the water needs of the developing suburbs. It was easier and less expensive for cities to drill wells than to connect to the increasingly distant river supply,”.(Solutions include inter-city cooperation, water conservation and other measures) In other words, this means it is less expensive to drill for groundwater which means the cities can benefit from this cheap water.
    Despite the evidence I have used to prove my point some people like Mark Sather still believe that “(the lake level) will continue to increase slow and steady," (White Bear Lake’s Level Improving). The only reason the lake level has been increasing is because it has rained a lot and that people haven’t been using much water, which just supports my point that we should use less water.
    I believe that someone needs to do something about the very low lake level in White Bear because all of our water comes from the aquifer but recently, people have not needed to do certain Things meaning that the lake has gone down slightly but the only reason it has been increasing is because people haven't been using the amount of water they usually use, which supports the reason that we should be conservative about water. Another reason I believe that we should do something about the low lake levels is that if the lake levels are low businesses are affected with how much income they get from the lakes supplies. Those are the reasons I think that action needs to be taken to fix the lake level in White Bear Lake.
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    Great job Kody, this is a really important topic, that not many people seem to care about. This was very interesting to read and I hope that the city council saves our lake!

    almost 3 years ago