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I love writing and I typically do poetry and short stories
Music is great
I'm also a huge history buff
And all hail to the og lesbian Saphho

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A sweater

April 24, 2019



The taste of winter is rolling off your tongue,
​and the bitter air is stinging in your eyes.
​I had told you to grab a jacket,
​and now your arms spell out bumpy words.

​Stealing hers will keep you warm for now,
​but she'll eventually have to leave.
Dream on with your hopeful heart,
​there is a reason it is called young love.

​To keep it basic is a good way to start,
​and the birds join on a simple melody.
The flowers embroidered on her sleeves,
match the wildflowers in the grass.

The humming birds are intertwined in the thorny leaves,
​as the small blades cut at your feet.  
Her sweater isn't doing much good anymore,
​as the white buds turn to elegant fronds.

Her sweater isn't doing much good,
​as the sweetness of candy floats in the air.
​Flowers blooming in the darkest of places,
​your bitterness is fading away.

​The sun is fading and you two sit intertwined,
​stars line the sky like sprinkles.
​You want to run far into the night,
away and away.

You can't think of a thing to say,
a murky swamp in your head.
​She doesn't make it any easier,
but you try to push through.

Your senses are on high,
absorbing every last second.
​The saltiness fills your nose,
​and you can't breathe right.

Then she says it,
and your insides crumble.
​You thought you had it all,
and it fell through your hands like sand.

Redness covers your cheeks,
​feeling like a fool for what you did.
How could you fall for it,
how were you so dumb.


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1 Comment
  • Uma Bhat

    Damn :,) this put me through a rollercoaster of emotions. Crushes at our age are hella ephemeral, but I guess it's the experience the counts?

    9 months ago