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United States

I am a simple girl with dreams, ambitions, and a world of her own inside her head. I love to write and share my creative thoughts with other people and to motivate them through my words.

Message to Readers

I'd like to understand how well the piece flows as a whole, as well as word choice and any misspelled words or incomplete phrases that I might have missed! Thank you :-)

Many Years Ago

April 24, 2019

"Once upon a time," 
I told the sleeping infant in my arms. 
"Many years ago,
Birds sang from the trees, 
A perfect soliloquy made for me.  
Many years ago, 
The stars shined down on me,
While I kissed the man of my dreams.
Many years ago,
The ocean tickled my toes, 
As my sister and I sat upon the beach,
Feeding the hungry crows who were pecking our feet."
I sighed softly,
Longing for the world that I had once known,
Many years ago. 

"Once upon a time,"
I whispered to my daughter
As she looked sadly at the sky.
"Many years ago, 
I took my dog through the park,
It was lush and green,
not so gloomy and dark.
Many years ago, 
I could read a book by the pond,
or ride my bike through the rain. 
Many years ago, 
Birds ruled the sky, 
Not airplanes and smoke 
And animals ruled the land,
From ants to the elephants. 
In the oceans, whales swam
Rather than plastic and glass. 
Many years ago, 
I wish you could have seen,
The beauty of our world,
Before we let the human race run free." 
I held my daughter's arm, 
And kissed her forehead, 
Trying to paint a picture of the world I had known, 
Which was now nothing more than a memory. 

"Once upon a time,"
I told my daughter who was pregnant with a girl of her own. 
"Many years ago, 
You could've pushed your daughter on a swing, 
Or chased her around the yard. 
She could've seen the blue oceans,
Rather than mountains of plastic, 
Which hide their beauty.
You could've laid under the stars,
And showed her the planets and constellations. 
Gardening could've been her pass time,
But that was many years ago."
I touched my daughter's face,
And held her in an embrace, 
Knowing that many years ago,
I could have given her the world,
But now, my only gift to give is this imperishable, rotten, land.

The world's fate had rested with me, 
I failed it. 
Many years ago,
I was too self-absorbed to fully understand,
That this issue was bigger than me. 
It was everything I knew. 
I failed the birds in the sky, 
And the ants on the ground. 
But many years ago,
I decided to fail the ones I loved most,
Even before they had come into my life,
I took the world away from my daughter,
And my granddaughter,
And every great-grandchild after. 

Many years ago, 
I destroyed my precious world. 
I compressed its beauty into a box,
Which is kept inside my mind,
As nothing more than a memory. 


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  • mason wong

    It is the best!!!!

    4 months ago
  • bride124

    Oh my god! Really good!

    4 months ago