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Escapril Day 10 - femininity


April 26, 2019


she gathers my hair onto her lap and
swirls it in rivulets about my face, moulding
her soft hands into my unruly curls and untangling
the fears that knot my mind into silence.

my words spill into the air and curve over
her gentle form, tying us together with all
the things i wasn't going to tell her: the exam
i failed, the friendship i still don't understand

how i lost, the rejection letter i stuffed
under my pillow. i tell her how i hide
my shortcomings from the world whilst never
letting myself forget. i fear she will shout, cry,

offer me solutions to further cloud my
teenage head. but she simply cups my hands,
the skin and bone she granted me,
and whispers, as my eyes sink into reverie,

this too will pass


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