i thrive for cheesy love poems with terrible rhyming schemes, sunflowers and sleepy saturday afternoons

week of you

April 24, 2019


i dream to live a perfect week in a fairytale world with you.

on monday, i’d march right up to you and pull you into my arms, kissing you with all the need i’d ever had for you, you’d run your fingers up my spine and on your tippy toes, entangle them in my wild waves.

tuesday, the sunshine shower would wash our skin as i’d spin you in your spring dress, you are so effortlessly beautiful. you’d nestle your head in my chest and we’d dance, slow and steady, the world would hush for us, and other than the soft drumming of rain, we’d be alone.

when wednesday pulled up, we’d take off! up the hills in the hinterlands, you’d see the views in the valleys, the quick wind ruffling your hair. we’d hurl picnic baskets filled with jam drops and savoury scones to the tallest tree, tomato sauce in one hand, my palm in the other.

thursday, i’d tickle your chin and you’d roll towards me, adjusting your checkered pyjamas. we’d watch every love story made, popping popcorn in our mouths and pulling the blankets up past our necks. it would be warm, comfortable, our place.

on friday, you’d caress my shoulder and i’d wake up next to you as dawn paints sunrise above, i’d stretch and fall as my eyes hit yours. in amongst sleepy mumbles, you’d catch a soft, yet secure declaration of love escape my lips. picking my face up from the depths of the pillow, you’d respond with a peck on my nose and an equally as strong “i love you too, silly.”


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