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Death is Missing

April 23, 2019


“Okay, okay,” I say, pinching the bridge of my nose. “Look, you have the most amazing fashion sense in the world.” He looks at me clueless. His cheeks were stained with his tears and he looked like he wanted to lunge at me, then strangle me.
“You’re just saying that!” he wails. I stare blankly at the wall thinking about what to say next. “You’re lying to me!” His cries get louder as time passes on.
What did Gabe say to me before I left? Something about reversing psychology. He was the one who had the damn major. I was just going to wing it.
“You’re right,” I shrug my shoulders, crossing my arms. “I am just saying that.” His face drops then anger fills his expression.
“You think I don’t have a good fashion sense?!”
“That is exactly what I am saying.”
I turn away from him before hearing him walk away. I impatiently tap my foot. When I turn back to face him my eyes widen. There were, what seemed like, dozens of racks all filled with clothing of all types. My arms drop to my side as I stare at him in shock.
“Now, my dear human, I am going to show you what fashion really is,” he smirks while going through all of the clothing. Thinking this was going to take a while I went to his ‘throne’ and sat on it. I watched in complete and utter boredom as Death shifted through the racks.
Every once in a while he would take a shirt or a pair of shorts and glance at them before putting them back. An hour passed and he only had two outfits picked out. He looked at me triumphantly and held up the clothes. I raised my eyebrow as he walked over to me. I slowly started to sit up suddenly interested in what outfits he had picked out. Maybe Death’s fashion sense was actually pretty decent.
I hadn’t forgotten the reason why I came here, though. I had to quickly bring his self-confidence up and get him back out there, claiming souls. But I couldn’t lie...Death really did have a good fashion sense. The clothing he wore was not like how people pictured him. He didn’t wear plain black robes that covered his entire body.
The robes he wore were indeed black, but they were also covered in glitter. Buttons were lined next to one another on the cuffs on his sleeves. His collar was flipped up, like a vampire’s in the movies. His hair was brushed back with, what I’m assuming, is gel. Several hairs were out of place because of the recent crying. His pale skin had hints of color.
If that wasn’t fashion the I didn’t know what was.
“Here are some clothes that I think would look fabulous on you,” he smiles, handing me the clothing. “Go try them on.” I glanced down at the clothes before looking back up at him. His eyes were literally twinkling. I couldn’t tell Death that I wouldn’t be caught dead in his clothing.
I held the clothes close to my chest and walked down the dim hallway. I turned back to look at him, confused. He got the hint and figured out I had no idea where I was going. He walked over to me and led me down the hall. He found a door and motioned for me to go inside it.
“Thank you,” I say, quietly.
“You are welcome.” I could hear the smile and amusement in his voice. I ignored it and went into the room. The door clicked behind me.
I decided to try on the first outfit. A pair of black shorts, that had jewels lining the pockets. A black and white striped crop top to go with the pair of shorts. I changed into the outfit, looking down at myself in wonder. I noticed a small silver bird on the breast pocket of the shirt. I went through the pile of clothes to find a black jacket, spotted with little white dots.
I slipped the jacket out and walked towards the door. I hesitated before opening the door. When I walked out Death’s back was turned to me. He was concentrating on something he was holding. I stood in the doorway for a few awkward seconds before clearing my throat. His head snapped up and he slowly turned to face me.
I stared at the ground while his eyes scanned me. My face began to heat up when I looked back up. “So?” I asked, wanting to break the thick silence that lay between us.
“And they said my fashion sense sucks,” he chuckles. His eyes met mine.
“Why don’t you have your own clothing line?” I stare at him in shock.
“I don’t know, actually.”
“And you let us, humans, drag your self-confidence down?”
“Uhh...I mean,” he shrugs his shoulders. My jaw drops.
“Okay,” I respond, grabbing his wrist. “We are going to go and get clothes. Then we are going to make a clothing line.” I drag him down the hall, back into the main room.
“Wait a second,” he pulls his hand away from me. I stop, midstep, and turn to look at him. “What is this really all about?”
I heavily sigh and look down at the ground. “I need you to come with me and get rid of all the overdue souls,” I pause, looking up at him, “The world is overpopulated.”
“So, you didn’t really care about my clothes.”
“No, no, that’s not true. I really do like your clothes.”
“Who sent you to get me?”
“Death, come o-”
Who sent you?” His voice echoed off the walls, sending shivers down my spine. His eyes were cold and dark, but I could feel the anger radiating off of him.
“No one did,” I mutter.
“Louder,” he demands.
“No one sent me,” I raise my voice slightly. That seemed to satisfy him because he didn’t ask me anything else. The silence is killing me. I watched as he stares blankly at me.
“So,” he whispers.
“You actually like my designs?”
“I’ll go, then.”
I quickly look up at him in shock. “What?”
“I said, I’ll go,” he smiles softly. “I’ll go and get rid of all the overdue souls.”
“Really?”  I ask, still in shock.
“Yes, really. condition.”
“After I’m done I want you to come back here with me.”
Soon the shock is filled with realization. I’m able to breathe easier now. I had been able to convince Death to get rid of all the overdue souls. I wanted to laugh because of the whole situation. I...conviced Death…
He rose his eyebrow, “Just like that?”
“Yes, just like that,” I heavily sighed, all the pressure on my chest leaving. “If that is the price to pay for the overdue souls to leave, then I am willing to pay it.”
“Okay, my darling mortal,” a scythe appears in his hand. “Let’s go collect some souls.”


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  • BrokenSmile

    Ooh, very interesting, I hope you keep writing!

    about 1 year ago