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"Roses In My Lungs"

March 15, 2016


A witch came into my life,
She opened her mouth and cast a spell--

You were not meant to be like this,
Biting straight through bone with too-sharp teeth,
All gunsmoked eyes and bullets behind your tongue
With diamond skin and a molten gold core
Born and forged by war,
            where is that garden now?

I am a poet,
Descriptor extraordinaire--
Letters are my paintbrush
The world my canvas.
Bold and gleaming words brush against the page,
Yet they always pale whenever I say
            how much you mean to me.

Say you love me.
Take the blood from your teeth
And eat your heart out.
Say you need me.
Stars take home in your eyes,
More god than man

Ruby lips and torn legs
Words to bond,
A gift of song.
Crow feathers dance in your hair.
A viper tongue,
My head goes numb.
Universes flicker and collide.
An orange delight,
A dragon’s keep.
A prayer pulses at my wrist,
            please         please         please

“Oh” I breathe “oh”
“Please don’t let me lose this one”
            Praying was never my specialty

I am greedy I am needy;
An emptiness inside and a demon dwells.
This poem was supposed to be about you,
and not quite this hellish,
            but I’ve always been too selfish.

Say “I love you”
Say alabaster say periwinkle
Say forgotten Say fallen
Say a sign
                        Say goodbye

Rain will be our applause.
We’ll devour moons and slip between their teeth like howls.
Our common need to make believe--
Names are just empty spells.
A prayer pulses at my wrist,
            please         please         please

say that this isn’t over--
say that it’s only begun
            I’ll fill the sea with apologies until they build a home.

A degree of decorum
wasted on my starved soul.

I’m sorry for being clumsy
I’m sorry for my monstrous appetite
I’m sorry for my naked claws and bloody fangs
I’m sorry for my desperation
            I’m sorry     I’m sorry     I’m sorry
                                                                    Say you forgive me

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t defend
It’s just--
You’re my greatest friend.

Tell me what my bones yearn!
You planted roses in my lungs--
What more must I say?
                                    You won


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