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so because of my trip and also school i don't think i'll be finishing escapril. but! i hope to revisit some of the prompts and writing some poetry for them some time maybe idk this is maybe a lie i'm not sure whatever.

we are both here

April 23, 2019



we are both here.
fit me into your bones and i will tell you a story.
i am full of stories. some i don’t even know.
so tell them to me, you say. i will find them.
when you look at me that is when i must spill forward,
fall or tumble or leak like blood split in two and
strawberry guts for breakfast, no, for science,
no. for nothing.
this is fine. we are both teeth.
dig into my molars, you’ll feel the wise ones coming in.
same as yours. if it hurts,
it hurts me, you say. it doesn’t hurt. i will chew through anything
you want me to. the fish skin, the cobwebs, the pecan
stuck underneath. open my mouth and you’ll see them
all in a row. straight, not soft, we are not soft anymore.
you tell me,
we are sharp together. i know we are sharp i can barely breathe
barely see i am blind but it is okay if i see nothing this is fine.
sometimes i swear i am the only one that bleeds, no,
you bleed i’ve seen it. you cut your finger,
out comes blue or something like that.
no, that was a dream. you say, that was a dream. papercuts are red only
you are red only and i am red only and there is nothing blue here, no,
nothing blue anywhere, that was just a dream.
i suppose it’s all perspective, really.
this is fine.
we are everything.

this is quite sad. 


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1 Comment
  • Oscar_Locke

    This is exquisite. Bravo.

    Your images are so thin and skeletal, beautiful in a haunting way. The themes of the poem are both gothic and post-modern, confessional and romantic. Your use of free-verse is excellent, hingeing on repetition and wordplay to create rhythm.

    My favourite part is the ending/beginning. It almost feels like they are some sort of poem themselves -- we are both here. / we are everything.

    Other highlights:

    "fit me into your bones and i will tell you a story." -- such a deliberate, conscious visualization.

    "you cut your finger, / out comes blue or something like that. " -- again, wow. You can feel the narrators struggle they've been fighting throughout coming to a head.

    "straight, not soft, we are not soft anymore." -- this made me miss something I've never had.

    Again, bravo.

    about 2 years ago