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God bless!

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I Challenge You

April 24, 2019

PROMPT TWO: Sustainability and Innovation Proposal

My dad was born on Earth Day.

It just hadn't been invented yet. So what do you think of when you hear "Earth Day"? I used to think of picking up trash on the sides of the road and recycling. Now I think of all the people out there - all the voices - calling for protection against climate change, crying out that the planet is overpopulated, and spreading fear about the self-annihilation of mankind. This generation, the teenagers of today, are extremely impressionable, perhaps because many are hungry for a cause.

But do you know what your cause really is? Don't hold up signs in protest or dedicate your life to reversing climate change before you really have a chance to understand it.

My dad cares deeply about nature. And when he can, he takes care to nurture it, whether he works in the woods or the garden. My family tries to live simply. We grow our own food. We share the good, organic food we grow with our neighbors. We've often used animals - goats and chickens and ducks - to care for our five acres. The goats kept down the invasive plant life, while the poultry controlled unwanted insects. The animals produce natural fertilizer that enriches the soil and helps us grow food.

In a similar way, we seek to protect the soil we grow in by applying layers of mulch to keep down the weeds - again, naturally - and give back the nutrients our plants take from the ground.

In this way, we reduce our footprint radically. We protect our five acres. But we don't spread fear or exaggeration by doing it. Instead, in gentle harmony with a planet that is both perfect and imperfect, we live our lives, leave something for our children and grandchildren, and then we move on. This planet won't last forever. But nothing does.

While we're here, we'll take care to guard the land we walk on. And I challenge you - guard the land you walk on. Cultivate it. Feed it. Preserve it. Learn to adapt to whatever change you may experience in your climate - and please, I ask you to remember, the climate has been changing since time began. Don't let fear hamper your hope for the future.

My dad was born on Earth Day. And we've chosen to live simply, close to the land and the Creator. I challenge you - consider this your cause. Life is too precious for anything else. Sustainability starts with one acre - yours.


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  • Boogie With Stu

    This is a awesome piece, I'm a farmer too.

    about 1 year ago