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Message to Readers

Seemed like a cool prompt for this severely uncool potato to respond to...... Enjoy!

In My Wake

April 21, 2019

PROMPT: Footprints

I have not lived a long life, but I have left a long trail. A trail of friends, memories, and a surprisingly large amount of waste. According to the quiz (see prompt), my top three carbon contributing factors are:
  • Goods
  • Mobility
  • Diet
Apparently, I eat too much meat and travel too many places by car and used many processed goods, but there's another legacy I'd like to leave. You see, dear reader, I have not lived a long life, so I plan to leave a long trail. A trail of changed minds, turned heads, and empowered voices. By the time I die, I hope to:
  • Have helped a friend when they truly need it and when they may just be feeling a bit sluggish
  • Have persuaded minds towards causes that impassion me
  • To be truly loved deeply but not widely


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