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April 28, 2019

PROMPT: Bread and Light

What Nourishes Me?
  • Disney- And 99.9 percent of the Earth's population will agree with me on this. Lets face it, Disney is slowly taking over the world of Media. They've already taken Marvel; what else are they going to take?! They've also, undeniably, taken our hearts. Through song, humour, sadness and optimism, Disney brings out the best in us. Despite dark origins of certain Disney films, the protagonists and sometimes even antagonists are relatable and teach us many things. For this, I am grateful. 
  • My dog- He may not be a puppy anymore, but he is still as cute in my eyes. My fluffy, adorable pup has a very interesting personality. He is a chihuahua, but at first glance, you wouldn't take him to be. This is because he has longer hair than usual, and is also getting chubby! My dog 'nourishes' me because when I have a row with my family or life isn't treating me too well, he just comes along and sits on my lap, blissfully unaware of all the problems around him. With him to cuddle, he keeps me happy. If you readers don't have a pet, I recommened getting one!
  • Fandoms- Because with fandoms come endless sparks of creativity. This sort of links in with the Disney reason. If you have someone to talk about your fandom with, doesn't it feel amazing! When someone finally knows all the stuff you've been wanting to say, and actually understands you! Of course, being obsessive over certain fandoms is unhealthy, but when your a teenager, it only comes naturally. It does feel natural to be inclined to a certain book or film or franchise. Its good to have something that you like and that keeps your mind busy; bubbling up new ideas, scenerios and queries!
I left out the obvious things that nourish my life, like my family, friends, food, water, etc...


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