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Political Education for Children

March 14, 2016

    Everyday, children hear words like gun control, the Teachers union, and the healthcare system being thrown around everywhere, by teachers and parents alike. As much as they hear these political-infused words, most of the children are too busy to care or don't feel that politics involve them. Most children might feel that politics don't involve them because it's not like there is a politics class that they can take in school, explaining why a law states something or what the difference is between Republican and Democrat. Also, some parents may forget to teach their child about politics because it's not something that comes to mind when you think of an everyday routine. For example, when a parent is buckling their offspring into a car seat and the child asks, "why do I have to sit in this car seat?" it usually doesn't cross a parent's mind to go into detail about the laws that were put into place about it, instead, most parents would just explain that it is to keep their youngster safe. Politics have to matter to children because they are the future of this world, and the future of this life.
    If you were to go into a grocery store, walk down a couple aisles, maybe ask a sales clerk for directions, you might find yourself upon the kid's section. Decked out with shiny match cars and "press here!" holes in the clear boxes, beckoning the shopper to try out the product, the aisles brim with toys. Now, let's say you walk deep into the forest of pink-frilled dolls and unicorns, and you see a book, advertising "politics for kids!" what would you do? Your first thought would probably be, "that must be in the wrong section," after all, what child would be interested in politics?
    That is just one example of how youngsters are often over-looked in the political aspect, also, they may feel that as long as it not a requirement, like homework, they don't need to care about politics. Children might not understand though, that laws and politics are involved in everyday life, and that laws control a lot of what we do as citizens. They may not even realize how much of politics impacts our lives, like why vehicles need to drive on a certain side of the road. Older scholars and parents can help young children by explaining the basics of politics, or even sharing their own opinions on politics to the younger generation. Other people are not the only source of information though, there is another way that children can find information, through research. The internet is loaded with info of all sorts, debates, articles and even audio recordings are all access ports into the world of politics. Of course, the library is the home of all research, books on all different opinions fill the shelves.
    Now, some people may think, "kids under eighteen can't even vote, so what's the point of learning and caring about politics?" Although children can't vote, there are other ways they can impact politics, like joining a rally or spreading awareness for a law that concerns them. Also, if a child was to grow up and never learn about politics, what would they do when they reached eighteen and had to vote? They wouldn't know anything about politics, and they may be mislead by someone who wants to receive their vote. I'm sure most parents would like to see their child grow up to be knowledgeable enough to know how to vote when they turn eighteen.
    Younger generations aren't exactly taught to care about politics, but if someone were to be brave enough to break the mold, ask for answers, research and read books on politics, it could change the way they see the world, the way we see the world. Now, by just giving out a few answers to wondering children, or explaining the difference between Republican and Democrat, we could alter a child's opinion on politics for the better. We need to care about the younger generations of this world, because they're the ones who will be shaping our future.
Sources: None, I used my own insperation for this! :)


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