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Message to Readers

I'm a new writer, and this is one of the few times I've ever published something. Any kind of feedback or tips would be great.

My World (By the Senses)

June 5, 2015


     I know it when I see it. All it takes is a few minutes and I'm there. The dark tinted two-way windowsthat act as a portal. The bright overhead lights that seem to illuminate every crevice. The plush couches, perfect for reclining after a hard day's work. And lastly, the books. Hundreds of them, each with a story as vastly different as the last. The hard, decorative covers provide a glimpse into the world of the books, and the printed letters take you there. It's beautiful.



     You know what I've always loved about libraries? The fact that there's almost no sound. Some people say the quiet is boring, but really it's quite nice. It's serene. The silence makes for better focus as well. It is impossible to calculate the secrets of the universe whilst mindlessly gabbing. I think no sound is my new favorite sound.



       Few things in the world beat the fresh scent of a new book. 




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