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I am 17 and am an amateur writer for fun. One problem I have though is when I create something I like, I try to turn it into a book... now... several unfinished books later, I am still going!! :) I hope you like what you see and if you do don't forget to click the all important star in the corner so I know!!!

My Unseen Family

March 14, 2016


My father the sun and my mother the moon were introduced by Time, the divine creator of all, during this world's first solar eclipse. From that meeting, my family was created. The Wind, my older brother, Earth, my older sister, and my younger twin siblings Ice and Fire. My brother Wind is the heir to the sky. After my parents are gone, he will rule the sky with his flowing justice and peaceful breeze. My sister Earth is the heir to life. When the world is bare, she will bring out life from nothing and nurture it with a loving embrace. The twins, Fire and Ice, are always battling for control over each other, ice age after heatwave after ice age. Then there is me. I am not like my older brother and sister who are kind and gentle and limited, neither am I like my younger siblings who are violent and warring. I am infinite and I am the heir to light. I am the stars who decorate the night sky with my celestial light, and I will watch over everything with my bright light caressing the universe for all eternity.  


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