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March 21, 2016

You're walking home from Tesco, have a bag full of chocolate, crisps and, the type of thing your mum hates. Then a car slows down. This isn't a problem,  cars slow all the time but then you hear the melodic voice coming from the car, 
"Oi! Want my number babe?"

Why? Why do people do this? It isn't funny! It makes the women you do this to get scared. I don't know who you are and you don't know me. I was 10 years old the first time I got catcalled. An odd 40-year-old man looks me up and down deciding that it's appropriate to comment on my body. It is not. I said to this man my age to which he replies
"I thought you were older, it's not my fault!"
Well, whose fault is it? The Queen's? My Mum's? My Grandma's? Or is it my fault for walking around in something other than a full body veil?

t makes me angry that if I tell someone this happened to me their first reaction is
"To you? Really?"
Yes to me! Is that a problem? It doesn't matter what I look like. I didn't tell you for sympathy. I told you so we could laugh about it. So I don't feel so scared.

I'm not just angry for myself. I'm angry because it shows society's views on women. I hear the same things all the time from people who should frankly know better.
'Oh honey, it's just a compliment.'
'Well then don't wear a skirt!'
'I guess you should've had your brother with you.'
I shouldn't need my brother with me to be treated like a human.
Nor should I need to wear baggy jeans to go unharassed.
Women are treated like dolls. Pretty, but with a head of air. Silent if you hear them talk break them.
For the rare few men that do this, for the rare few boys who think it's a compliment and, for the rare few countries who believe women are lesser beings, I have one word for you.

This isn't all men but it shouldn't be any men! It has happened to me plenty of times and I'm only 13! If by 13 I have had this happen to me so many times I have lost count, how do you think 30-year-olds feel? More importantly, how do you think your future daughter will feel when you try to explain to her what you used to do or say? How will you feel? 

As if the calling wasn't embarrassing and humiliating enough the cat calls can go further. I decided to look up some facts about it and found out that:-
20% of women experience assault.
30% of women have been a 'target' of public masturbation.
50% are sexually touched or grabbed.
Almost 60% have their path blocked and a horrific 70% are followed!
It scares me that even before I reached 13 I could say I had been followed, catcalled and had someone try to grab me! This makes me wonder what hope there is for my little cousins who want to marry Thomas the Tank Engine and cry when they see me sad.
What hope will they have if they're cat called, followed or get grabbed?

The worst part is how are you supposed to teach others that catcalling and sexual offences are wrong or to not do it without offending or generalising? I know I can't. However, it must be taught to girls and boys.

If it's not taught in schools at a young age and is nearly impossible to be taught at home where should it be taught?
My sources are:
I used to these sources to find my statistics. The website has a very impressive campaign going and its well worth looking at.


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