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I feel the reader would read this a considerable number of times to try to "truly listen" to this piece. I just want to say, that if you have read this just once and want to review it, go ahead and review it anyway!


April 19, 2019

PROMPT: #ListenFirst

I have observed, in my all my years of inexperience and childishness, that in a conversation (provided that that the conversation is not on the verge of turning into violence), if you do not reply, the other person always continues speaking. And most of the times, the things they say after the silence are generally made up of words that need to be aired the most. 

A teacher telling her story in class, a friend puzzled over a future choices, a guy angry with his parents, almost all of them need silence, silence from the listener, to help themselves get to the tougher parts of their story. The silence you give them, they take the silence and make a stage out of it, grab a imaginary microphone and voice the deeper parts of their story. Their fear of being vulnerable is slowly eaten away by silence, as they realize that they are real and the things that they are dealing with are real and the story is real. 

Asking about they truly feel about their situation often resolves the problem quickly. The answers are there, but they are so deep inside. Covered, hidden and camouflaged with responsibilities, fears, and a general lack of self-esteem, they tend to destroy themselves. 

Silence gives them a spotlight, something those answers have been looking for a long time. 


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