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Should You Go To Jail For Kicking A Cat?

March 18, 2016

The answer to the question, “should you go to jail for kicking cat?”, is simple. I believe a person should go to jail for abusing any animal, if the abuse is intentional. The only time harming an animal might be okay is if it is self defense. It has been found that people who abuse animals often end up committing more serious violent crimes, including assault and murder.  In the article “How Many Cats Die A Day?” by Michael Broad, Broad talks about how many cats die a day by either abuse or being shot. In the article Broad says, “144,000 cats die each day in the world.”  I was shocked and saddened by this and something needs to be done to stop animal abuse.
    While abusing an innocent animal in itself is wrong, also consider that animal  may be someone’s pet, not only are they abusing an innocent animal, they are also harming someone’s property. You could argue that jail time is a little serious for animal abuse. But, if a person harms or destroys someone’s home or property they may go to jail.  Harming a family’s beloved pet should carry no less of a consequence.
    If people are getting away with a simple thing, like kicking a cat, it could lead to bigger things like abusing people or murdering people. The animal abuse-human violence connection says, “More than 80 percent of family members being treated for child abuse also had abused animals.”. If we stop animal abuse and put the offenders in jail, than 80% of human abuse might be eliminated. Jail may be serious for this matter, but by showing people what will happen if they abuse animals they might be more likely to not harm people.
    In the article “Should You go to jail for kicking a cat?” by New York Times, it says “A stray cat — after being lured by a young man’s outstretched hand — is suddenly and violently kicked, its body propelled through the air, clearing a small fence and landing about 20 feet away, to a chorus of cackling laughter”.  Also the man starts laughing when he sees the cat go flying.  Animals generally trust humans to take care of them, to take advantage of this trust and harm an animal is just wrong. A line can easily be drawn to abusing an innocent child, where this behaviour often leads.
    In summary, unless you are defending yourself, any action against an innocent animal is wrong.  It is not OK to abuse something because you think it is fun or funny.  Abusing or killing an animal in many cases could be harming a family’s beloved pet, thus damaging others “property”. This type of behavior also often progresses to more serious crimes against humans.  For all of these reasons this type of behavior needs to be dealt with by having the serious consequence of jail time.  
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