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Bio for this young writer( Editied)

By: mason wong


Hi guys. My name is Mason Wong.  I am a young writer. I love writing, writing is a part of my life. I am born in 12/24/2006. I am actually a Chinese immigrant. I move to Atlanta, Georgia, the US in 2016. I have been here for three years. I have been here for 3 years.  I hope you guys like my writing and please like my pieces if you like them and hit the follow button if you like me. So, hope you have a good day and this is Mason Wong a young writer in school.

Author: Mason Wong

Peer Review

I enjoyed reading a little about a fellow writer!

How do you like America? Do you miss China? What challenges do you face here? Is there a particular reason you moved here? Have you made new friends, at your new school?

Reviewer Comments

Welcome to the US, Mason! I'm in California, USA :)