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Do Teachers Assign Too Much Homework?

March 18, 2016

To start off I am going to blatantly say yes, teachers assign an unnecessary amount of homework each night. From my experience as an eighth grader, I am assigned one to three hours of homework every night.
An astounding 79% of middle and high school students participate in after school activities every day, myself included. Involvement in after school activities is sometimes problematic with my homework and sleep schedule.  Everyday when I get home I have to immediately start my homework so that I can get the most efficient use of my time. Depending on the day, I can work for one or two hours before I have to get ready for dance. Because of this, I am often left with one or two hours of homework to do after school along with showering and eating. “The National PTA recommendations fall in line with general guidelines suggested by researcher Harris Cooper: 10-20 minutes per night in the first grade, and an additional 10 minutes per grade level thereafter.” So, for being in eighth grade I shouldn’t have more than 90 minutes of homework and in actuality, it is sometimes double that.  This is often cutting into my sleeping schedule. On average, a teenager should get 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Only 15% of students get these recommended hours every school night. According to Harris Cooper, a professor at Duke University, there is little correlation between the amount of homework and how well you perform academically. This means that the large amounts of homework teachers are giving students doesn’t make them excel more in school.
In my opinion, the amount of homework you should need to do for each class should be limited. While I understand that homework is necessary to keep your knowledge keen, teachers are giving out excessive amounts of it. Tests are used to test the students knowledge. Therefore, teachers need to take that into consideration when assigning homework. Homework should be assigned to aid the teachers in moving the lesson along and so that you don’t waste time in class when it comes to petty activities. For example, in language arts you write a paper at home so as  not to waste time spent together. Homework installs the idea of independent study that will benefit students later in life. I know that teachers are doing it for the best interest of their students, but sometimes they get in over their heads. A biology teacher defensively argues “If I didn't assign it, I'd never get through all the material I need to cover in a year. Plus, giving kids projects and deadlines is an essential way of preparing them for adulthood.” While I agree with this statement, the amount being assigned is rapidly growing. Psychology director Harris Cooper says that “parents are correct in saying that they didn’t get homework in the early grades that their kids do.” Students are being assigned more and more homework as they get younger and younger. Homework is excessive and people need to realize this.
I conclude that students need to be assigned less homework and that the ten minute per grade rule should be better enforced because it would greatly benefit the students who are struggling academically, are overloaded with after school sports, have too much stress, and are sleep deprived.
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