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Pokemon Dawn/Dusk 13

April 25, 2019


    "Get down!" A man yelled, echoing through the town. A Braviary plummeted from the sky, its giant wings sweeping across the small town. Any stands selling berries, food, or anything else of the sort were destroyed.
     Zane ran from inside the Pokecenter, just in time to watch the Braviary sweep up into the sky, its magnificent wings glittering in the daylight. 
    Monferno jumped from his Pokeball. "Mon-ferno!" It yelled, charging. He caught Braviary's eye, and the giant hawk flew towards Zane's small monkey friend.
    Braviary began to spin rapidly, catching the air under its wings, and it suddenly pulled up. Small blades of air went spiralling toward little Monferno, and it hit him with such an impact, and it went flying into a cement wall, then crumbling, unconscious.
    "Okay, that didn't work," Zane said, staring at his unconscious Pokémon. "Lycanroc, you're up!" Zane said, throwing his second Pokéball, and Lycanroc materialized in front of him. 
    "Lycanroc, use Rock Slide!" Zane yelled. Lycanroc balled his fists, and slammed them into the ground. Giant rocks formed over Braviary, and fell down onto him. Though it was effective, it didn't do much damage.
    "Lycanroc, use it again!" Zane shouted, and Lycanroc repeated itself.
    Braviary turned his attention toward Lycanroc. Its muscles began to tense, and it began to glow red. It flew toward Lycanroc, aiming to use Superpower to obliterate it. However, Lycanroc was beginning to learn. It jumped, landing on Braviary's back.
    "Good job, Lycanroc!" Zane yelled with a grin. "Now, Rock Slide, over and over!"
    Bunches of rocks fell on Braviary, who was trying to shake off Lycanroc. However, Lycanroc was hanging on for dear life.
    Suddenly, a chill began to roll over the town. It became cold, freezing, in fact.
    Out of nowhere, a giant, blue bird flew over the sky, with wings that looked like ice, and a long, blue tail flapping in the end behind her.
    Zane remembered this bird. He had heard it from the elders in his hometown. It's name was Articuno, the bird of ice. It was one of the three Legendary Birds, and the area turned frigid whenever it flapped its wings.
    Articuno squawed at the rampaging Braviary. It was telling it to stop. Braviary did not respond, only kept destroying shopping carts down below.
    Articuno opened its mouth wide, and shot a beam made of ice at Braviary. It hit him in the wing, and he began to plummet. Braviary hit the ground, and Lycanroc roared. 
    Zane took out his Pokéball, and tossed it at the fallen bird. His Pokéball was the first of two, another one falling out of nowhere.
    Zane's began to shake. Once. Twice. Three times. Stars flew from inside the Pokéball, signifying that he caught it. 
    Zane pumped his fist in the air. "I just caught a Braviary!" He yelled. 
    "Lyca!" Lycanroc cheered along with him.
    Another shadow swept across the town. A Charizard hovered down from the sky, a trainer standing on its back. He had a white shirt, black jacket, and grey slacks with black tennishoes.
    "Hello!" He said, stepping off of his Charizard. "Looks like you stole my catch!"
    "Your catch?" Zane asked. "Lycanroc did more damage, and Articuno finished it off." 
    "I know, but it was my job to stop it. I just arrived from northern Sinnoh region to end it's reign. Sorry it took me so long."
    Zane shrugged. 
    The boy went fishing in his pockets. "I can pay you for it. A hundred? Two hundred?" 
    Zane shook his head. "I caught Braviary, it's on my team now."
    "Well, it was worth a try," The boy said. He threw out a Pokeball, and Gallade appeared next to him. 
    "Gallade, attack. Get me that Braviary."
    "Gal-Lade!" It charged forth, it's blades glowing.
    However, Braviary had different thoughts. It exploded from it's own Pokeball, and whacked Gallade to the side with its large wings.
    "Gallade, Psycho Cut!"
    "Braviary, Brave Bird!"
    Gallade ran its blades along Braviary's chest, however, Braviary did not yell. It swooped up into the air, it's wings begin to glow with unearthly light. He exploded forth with speed, heading straight for Gallade. He rammed into Gallade, its wings still glowing, and Gallade went flying.
    Gallade skidded to a stop. Zane's opponent growled. "That's it," he looked to his companion. "Gallade, in order to win we need to bond! Let our unbreaking friendship be our power! Mega Evolve!" He rolled up his sleeve, revealing a bracelet with a strange stone. He pressed down on it, and beams shot from it, and connected him to Gallade. 
    Gallade became encased in bright light, and the spike on top of his head curved, and the blades on his arms became longer, with red edges. A cape formed on its back and the blue on his chest disappeared. The light exploded outward, revealing the now-mega evolved Gallade.
    "Gallade, use Psycho Cut, again!"
    "Braviary, Air Slash!"
    "Skarmory, Steel Wing!"
    Zane looked around for the last voice, and Leo fell down next to him.
    Gallade swept its blades across Braviary, quicker than both of them combined. It wasn't effective, however, it pushed him back a bit. Braviary swept his large wings around, knocking Gallade to the side, and Skarmory slashed its wings, however, Skarmory's attack wasn't too effective.
    "Gallade, Feint!"
    "Fly!" Leo and Zane yelled at the same time. Braviary crouched on it's hind talons, and projected himself high in the air, Skarmory not far behind him.
    "Gallade, Protect!"
    Gallade stabbed its blades into the ground, conjuring an illusionary shield. Both Skarmory and Braviary rammed into it, but they bounced off as if it was rubber.
    "Braviary, Air Slash!"
    "Skarmory, Swift!"
    "Gallade, Protect, again!"
    Gallade once again rammed his blades into the ground, trying to conjur another shield, however, this time, it didn't appear.
    Braviary swept its wings, sending little blades flying toward Gallade, and hitting him with so much force, that Gallade practically exploded. 
    Skarmory opened its mouth, and shot little starfish-like objects into the cloud of dust. The boys heard a grunt from inside, and when the dust cleared, Gallade was unconscious.
    Their opponent growled. "Unfair! There were two of you!"
    "Unfair, you Mega-Evolved!" Leo mimicked his voice. "I wasn't even going to step in until you did that."
    "So? He doesn't have a Mega-Evolution stone, too bad! I found my own! It was a fair fight!" 
    Zane returned Braviary. "I'm sorry, but Braviary is mine now. I won it, fair and square."
    "Fine! You can keep it... for now. But, I will get it in the end, and you will fear my name. And even though I've taken it, I will keep coming back, decimating your Pokemon team, every time I see you, for the embarrasment you caused me today," The stranger yelled. His Charizard growled, grabbed him, and swooped up into the air.
    "Well, than. That wasn't hard," Leo said. 
    "Hopefully, we don't see him again," Zane said, putting his Pokéball to his belt. "Hey, I'm starving. There's a new restaurant opening just near the Pokecenter, should we heal up and go eat?"
    "Sounds good," Leo said, returning his Skarmory. "But you're paying!"


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