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I love to read and write. I like the books Keeper of the Lost Cities, Percy Jackson, and Wings of Fire. I could rant for hours about Percy Jackson. I think Keefe is best for Sophie. I like the night sky too. I also believe in Jesus Christ.

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Any feedback is welcomed. Thank you for reading this piece. God bless you.

Parting Ways

April 23, 2019


Alex sat on the ledge. Below him, the valley danced in wonderous greens and golds. The sun descended behind the distant purple mountains, it's gold bathing their white tips. Wind ruffled his dark hair and sent goosebumps up his arms. The river thundered beside him as it tumbled over the lip of the cliff and into the pool below, mossy rocks slickened around him. He heard the light footsteps of his friend Miley approach and he looked over his shoulder. The tips of her blonde-died hair began to grow dark from lack of dye applied, but the rest of her hair was golden in the dying sunlight. She placed a hand on his shoulder as she eased herself to the spot beside him.
"Hey," he said as he looked back across the beautiful valley.
"Alex, we've got to talk," Miley murmured softly.
"I know," he mumbled.
Miley looked out over the valley as well. "I love this place."
"I know," Alex said softly. "I love the culture and the people. Especially Raina."
"She is a strong, yet quiet girl," Miley agreed. "And quite beautiful."
The hinting humor in her voice brought a pinkness to his cheeks. "I don't want to leave her after everything that happened. She deserves better, but got me instead."
"Raina chose you because she saw something different in you."
Alex looked into Miley's blue eyes. "Miley, I have to leave, to go with you. I can't leave you to go out into the world alone."
Miley let out a laugh that sounded like a sob. "Oh, Alex. I thought I was being selfish." She let out a sigh and a great weight seemed to lift from her shoulders. "I believed I couldn't leave you to go into the world alone. But, here you are, more grown up and braver than before."
Alex smiled. "Oh, Miley. I love you."
"I love you too." They hugged each other tightly, already knowing what the answer was. They clung to each other sadly and painfully. Miley pulled away reluctantly. "I-I'll have to speak with Aresea and Lukas, and you with Raina." There were tears in her eyes. "Oh, Alex, I don't want to leave you."
Alex nodded forcefully, choking down the emotion rising in his throat. "Y-yeah." His voice trembled and his eyes stung. "I'll ask Raina if she wants to see the new world. And you, accept that second-in-command position in the Sparrow Rebellion."
"I will."
Miley let tears fall from her eyes and down her face as Alex began to cry. "I'll protect the book with my life, so no one can destroy it."
"And I'll look after the characters."
"And become better with a sword." A voice from behind them made them both look over their shoulders. Lukas stood behind them, holding out Miley's sword. Raina was next to him, holding a flower in her hands.
"Alex, I'll follow you to the ends of the earth," she vowed. Alex stood and went over to his lover, gripping her hands. 
"You sure, Raina?"
"How different can your world be?"
Both Alex and Miley shared a look. "More than you know," Miley muttered. She took the sword from Lukas and he bent his head in respect.
"And Miley, I'll follow your command."
"We'll both follow Aresea's first."
"You might become queen," Lukas said. "Queen Miley of the Sparrows."
Miley let out a snort. "Aresea's still got a long life ahead of her."
"She's getting tired, Miley," Lukas said. "There might not be much more she can take. She lost Ardent, nearly me. And she carrying her hunters' lives on her shoulders. It is a great weight to hold, that is what Ardent used to say."
"That's why I'm here," Miley said firmly.
"Call me crazy, but what if this was all fate?" Raina asked. "What if it was fate that you two come here from your world?" She looked at Alex. "For you to get braver and meet me and Miley to find her place."
Both Alex and Miley shared a look. "Maybe," Miley said, though Alex knew they both thought it was absurd.
The four turned to watch the twilight come and the sun to hide behind the mountains. Alex and Raina held hands tightly and Miley sheathed her sword in its rightful place at her side. Lukas looked up at the stars with fresh hope.
"We are where we are supposed to be," he murmured softly.
Miley looked over at him and grinned. "There's more yet to come."
Alex nodded from beside her, watching as Miley held the stars in her gaze. He didn't know how he would ever forget her. She'd left too much of an impact on him. She's braver than I'll ever be, he thought when he watched her clutched the hilt of her sword and looked over her new world. He felt fresh tears in his eyes. Raina pressed her shoulder to his and he looked into her apprehensive violet eyes. It's my turn to look after someone. He squeezed her hand. "We've got a lot ahead of us."
"I'll be there," Raina said simply, running her thumb over the back of his thumb. "With you."
Alex nodded firmly. "Yes." He glanced over at Mile. "Both of us in our new worlds," he added to himself. "It's time for change and new things."


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