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hey guys, it's ya girl, silver, back at it again...


April 16, 2019

all you’ve ever done is doubt me
repeatedly, repeatedly,
as predictable as the tide rolling in
am i supposed to believe you? your sad, 
overused lies echo in my head,
so predictable i could lipsync to your falsehoods

was i supposed to ignore
all you’ve done for me? the
shattering, brokenness
replays in my head,
a sad playlist stuck on loop

maybe the only thing you ever did
was show me that sensitivity wasn’t all
that the picture books made it out to be, wasn’t all
that the movies showed, wasn’t all
that the happily-ever-after fairy tales told me.

and you come to me again, begging my forgiveness
as soon as you need it, as soon as you can use me,
how many lies have you told me? have you rejoiced in?
no, kneel there, become another myth-
one that lied, cried, turned to stone,
one that deserved what came to them.


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