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My name is Meloni and I enjoy writing poetry. I will sometimes write short stories but most of the time it is just poetry.

Ode to My Voice

April 16, 2019

This voice,
The voice you are hearing now,
This is my voice, so listen up.
You say I’m too young,
That I don’t understand
You won't let me speak out the words I’m dying to say.
Screaming through my silence
My voice is drowned out in a chorus of others
Others who are older
Because apparently the only voices that matter are the ones that flow from you.
What will it take for you to hear me
And actually listen?
Do I have to lie about my age or my gender?
Yes, I’m a teenage girl
But let me tell you this,
Just because I’m not “old and wise” doesn’t mean I’m ignorant.
Just because I’m 18 doesn’t mean I can’t have a serious discussion.
I know of adults who act like children yet you still listen.
So tell me this,
If I’m expected to hold my tongue because of my age, my gender
Because I’m not “mature enough” yet and “don’t understand”
Why do you take in the opinions of those who are older, but don’t truly understand what’s going on
Why are you taking their word when they act like the children whose words you ignore yet you tell them you care?
You feign belief through lies of your caring.
Tell me this—
Why do you really ignore me?
Is it because you’re afraid that that I’m a child playing adult,
Is it because I can hold my own in an argument or conversation?
Are you afraid that I’ll bring up better points they you ever will?
Please tell me because I’m dying to know
Why can’t my voice be heard?


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  • Harlow

    Sksksksksksksks yes. Exactly! Finally someone who gets it!

    over 1 year ago
  • Jae

    exactly how i feel.
    some people think that just cause i'm younger than 16 means i don't understand the world. i know a heck lot more than many grown-ups do, and it's because i have this thing called a life. people make weird sex, or beer, or just plain adult like jokes right in front of me and assume i don't understand. when i say things, they brush it off.
    I UNDERSTAND just fine.
    ugh, people in this world! :DDDDD
    p.s. i've read through a few of your pieces, and literally, you relate to everything going on in my world which is great, because not many people do.

    over 1 year ago