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Papa, We know Better

April 16, 2019

He loves us
Foolishly feeding us spoon fulls of
“He is incapable of love”,
It won’t matter…  
We know Better

He swears to never summon,
Spontaneous ignition of a wildfire to consumes the windows to his soul.
As his blood boils.
We know he loves us.
He loves us.

Waterboarding us with how
He benevolently oozes an infectious miasma
But no contradiction confers to oppress what We know
He will never leave us alone.
We know Better

Shivering in the dark, frozen by trepidation until he dragged it out with him
He tucked us in under the dim glow of Cinderella and her purple palace.
Consistent whispers of “Once Upon a Time”
“Sleep Tight” and
“Papa Loves you”

Replacing the
Shattering glass slippers to reveal the true story,
Detonation of our Once Upon a Dream.
A dream founded on the
knowledge that
He loves us … 
The dream
That We know Better than to desecrate

For the lies to cease you must read the truth.
You must (read this backwards)
Because We know Better


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