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Climate Change and How we Can Help

March 18, 2016

These days, climate change is becoming a bigger and bigger problem around the world. Many people are worrying about this catastrophe being caused by us and I Think we should probably be worried soon. We need to act and now is a great time to get started because we have the technology and awareness to help before it is unstoppable and more dangerous.
Though it is not so important now, because nothing that bad is happening, Climate change will become progressively worse over the years. This means that we need to work on stopping it now so that we don’t give the weight of Climate change to generations to come to have to carry on their shoulders. Many people are starting to blame certain events on Climate change as well. Also Climate change has affected many people around the globe. During instances like Hurricane Sandy, while Climate change didn’t cause the Hurricane, many believe it increased the power of the Hurricane resulting in 285 deaths and many other casualties.
    The main event many believed was caused by climate change was Hurricane Sandy. This is because of the intensity and dangerousness of the storm. While it was not completely caused by us, the intensity of the hurricane was probably increased due to simply, us. For example, over the last 50-60 years, NOAA says that climate change has caused the sea level to nearly double making it more likely for a Sandy-level flood recurrence. Others like Ben Brumfield, a CNN reporter, believe that without acting on this issue soon, many bad things could happen. For example he says how without action, The U.S. could turn into “a dystopian desert out of Mad Max” (the futuristic movie released 6 May 2015). He then lists a stream of cause and effect that would ultimately destroy us. Sure he might be going a little overboard but that doesn't mean we should ignore him. who knows, he could be somewhat right.
    This means that we have to act now incase we can stop later disasters from happening at all. It's not just me wanting to act now though, President Obama met with the Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss decreasing the greenhouses gasses released. They later decided to enforce laws regarding enforcement of emitting gases like Co2. This will hopefully help the problem. lets hope because although this sounds great, critics are worried China won't be able to measure the output of these gases and that enforcement could get muddled.
Over all, Climate change is an issue that needs to be addressed for the safety and survival of our world. It is also something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. As the old saying goes, “better safe than sorry.”
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