midnight thoughts

April 16, 2019


there’s so many things i could be
i’m overwhelmed with possibility 
i have a commitment problem
every time i try to stick to one thing
another thing just seems more fun
in the end all that will cause is
mediocrity in all sorts of things
the things that gave an exciting new fizz
will seem boring 
i don’t have the patience 
to watch what i’ve planted grow
there’s new seeds to plant 
but if none of them grow
what’s the point of planting them at all
i guess i figured there was one calling for me
but maybe my calling is
whatever i stick around for 
whatever i am excited to watch grow
maybe i can be a master of anything 
if i have the motivation 
if i have the patience 
to see it through 
follow what you feel excited to see grow 
and you’ll be happier than following a talent 
that people told you was better than your passion 
because you were immediately good at it


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