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Unspoken bond

April 16, 2019

My own little taste of country in the bustling city.

the drive there is a combination of excitement and the anticipation of lingering barn smell that lasts for days .

when i pull up in the gravel parking lot the crackling rocks under my truck pop what moments I hope are to soon to be, in my brain.

i walk in the cold metal barn door covered in a design of dents and mud that i probably created.

the doorman i am greeted by has a snout, and ooey gooey snout covered in snot and yesterday’s dinner.

it also has horns, long, twisting, they carry scratches and scrapes that tell stories of fights over food and a spot in the sun.

its sweet beaty eyes beg for everlasting love in the form of petting.

as it waits my smile grows more and more, in the time it took me to clam down it already has its big chin set perfectly on my shoulder and is drooling down my back until I scratch its enlongated and pleading neck.

if you were to zoom out from this scene you would see a girl

with her hair tied back in preparation

her muddy boots are covered in work for days proceeding

and her longhorn.

The longhorn and the girl who now spend everyday together 

becoming unspoken friends

making an unspoken bond.


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