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100041573 is a young 15 year old writer from Texas. She is attending high school at Clear Falls and writes often in her English class. On her spare time she loves playing with her dog, Tola and spending time with her family and friends.

I Love My Sober Mom

May 16, 2019

I love my mom. 
My sober mom. 
The other mom that slurs her words, I don’t know her. 
I don’t want to know her. 
I avoid all contact with her like she’s an enemy. 
The vodka takes control over her, and she’s not the same woman I knew her as, 
when she was sober. 
I pray to get over the feeling of hatred I have for her when she’s like this, 
but for some strange reason it’s all happening for possibly something good. 
Being around this woman I don’t know I have 2 options:  
Option 1) Go to my room and act like nothing wrong is happening. 
Option 2) Go to a friend’s house and forget about it. 
Not one of those options gives me my sober mom, that I truly love  
from the day she held me in her  
sober arms. 


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