April 16, 2019

To the cold dark air I awoke,
The night- a zoo run amok.
Yawning and stretching aches were relieved,
Yearning and nostalgic the pain was relived.
Bones that aged into ashes
Was the light that embraced darkness,
A life was then drained to death.
Memories from the blackest depth.
Will I find freedom? 
contrasting sides to the coin;
A smile sinister and on cold point,
A battered face fright and doom its mold.
A voiceless image entrenched from of old 
The object enslaved to entrapment,
Infinite torture as a bonus.
What is freedom?
Pain and agony of my tormented soul,
weak and immune to eternal rest.
Defeat was from creation,
Choice and freewill dimmed through procreation.
An oath dead with its sapient artisans
Whose secrecy is sworn by partisans,
Hunts still...
Will freedom ever prevail?


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  • phyll

    Well thanks Mason

    about 1 year ago
  • mason wong

    It is the best.

    about 1 year ago