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Jordan R

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Is TV Becoming Obsolete?

March 18, 2016

Is your cable to much money? If so, you should switch to streaming. TV has gone from the “telephotograph”(Bakalar) to what we know and love, but what’s next in the evolution of TV watching? The amount of people who actually have cable subscriptions has declined at a rate of 3% per quarter since the first quarter of 2012 to the second quarter of 2014. The age of internet streaming is beginning to take over the world of watching. I believe that Internet streaming is a better deal than any of the Deluxe cable packages.
Internet Streaming companies charge less per month to watch shows. With Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, and the standard cable package you pay 69.22 dollars per month. With the Deluxe Cable Package, which includes HBO and ESPN, you pay 129.99 dollars a month(Jones). Think about it, wouldn’t you rather pay less even though you may get slightly less Internet Streaming doesn’t require someone to come out and install it. Most Streaming companies have downloadable apps and websites, all you have to do is go to the website or get the app. It is faster and easier to create an account on a streaming site and get the app. For example if you go on the app store you can get Hulu Plus app and Netflix app. If you have previously created an account just sign in and you’re good to go. The good thing about Streaming Is that you don’t need a TV to do it. You can use your tablet or smartphone to watch. Watching on TV requires you to download the program to an existing system.  
My own experience with this is happening currently. My mom has downgraded our cable package to the standard. We have Netflix and  Amazon Prime. We recently set up a Hulu account and it works well. Hulu updates faster than Netflix does, the newest episodes become available the day after they aired. This is just one story out of a lot who have done this. Another is that my Uncle has done this already and he has a Roku to play it through. I feel as though it has been working out so far.
Streaming TV is the next step in the evolution of TV watching. Although not everyone will want to change to Streaming. It saves money, and is in my opinion combined with all the companies and the standard cable it is a better deal than the Deluxe cable with ESPN and HBO included. All in all if you are paying too much to watch your favorite shows it is worth it to switch to streaming.
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