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Are Teenagers Too Influenced By Reality TV?

March 18, 2016

“I wanna be as pretty as Kendall Jenner.” says my 12 year old cousin as she walks by the TV where I am watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. I think that reality TV influences teenagers in two ways,  how they should live their life and how they think of themselves. Shows like Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and Keeping up with the Kardashians make teens think that you can do anything if you have money. “They take extravagant trips, wear designer clothes, spend a lot of money on alcohol-fueled parties, and are rarely seen working regular jobs” (Peek). They make children think that you don’t have to work for money, that money is the only thing that can make you happy, which isn’t true. I have to admit that these shows are entertaining but send a bad message.
Most reality TV shows are based upon drama, yet 50% of it is not true. Last night while I was eating dinner, I was watching Extra on NBC. I saw an interview with one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She said that the editors and producers take the original films and cut them to seem more harsh and not show the making up part of the fight. This makes the people seem worse than they are and quite meaner. The adolescents who watch these shows think that they have to be as mean and rude as the girls they see on reality TV shows. “Sixty-eight percent agreed that “it’s in girls’ nature to be catty and competitive with one another,” while only 50% of non-viewers thought so. And 63% of reality TV viewers said “it’s hard for me to trust other girls,” compared with half of non-viewers.” (Melnick). Girls think that they have to be mean to other girls.
    Every teenage girl wishes to have a body/face like Kendall Jenner OR Gigi Hadid. Sadly, lots of producers depict shows with teens getting plastic surgery. “According to the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ASPS), more than 236,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on patients ages 19 and younger in 2012. Some of the most common types of plastic surgery teens choose include nose jobs, and correction of protruding ears, too-large breasts, asymmetrical breasts, and scarring caused by acne or injuries.”(WebMD) Girls think that they have to be perfect just like the reality TV stars they see on shows. Shows like Botched and The Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills, make teens think that a woman’s value are based on her appearance, and that popularity is gotten from beauty. When girls see stars on their favorite reality television shows, they want to be like them but they are following a bad influences.

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