United States

the impenetrable youth

April 22, 2019

here we are with our blue-stained tongues and hands
dyed from popsicles which drip down wrists and chins
wooden sticks sweating corn syrup because we talk too much
no time to finish licking up colored sugar
we’re too busy expressing ourselves with words and hands

we are the impenetrable youth
sticky fingers picking bug bites till they bleed
sweet blue sugar words melting in our ears and mouths
loving the taste of living: our quiet rebellion

you can try to destroy us
smash ice blue electric smiles pressing tongues against teeth
but our stain will stay on the roof of your mouth
a laugh on the tip of your tongue
and our sweet may sour in your mouth with time
but it will only leave you missing our saccharine taste of freedom
so for now bare your blue teeth with pride
lest that smile melt away
and the tastes of death and summer become synonymous


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