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this was in the back of the writer's shed for a year, polished it up, now it's back, better than ever !

remember when people use to read longer pieces lol


September 2, 2020


Something is coming,” Atlas whispered, eyes scanning the room.

Snapping my head in his direction, I watched Atlas survey the room as if it had changed. We had been here for one full moon cycle, yet he’s acting as we had just gotten here. They warned me, said he’d lose his mind, that they all did, but I didn’t believe it. I refused to believe it. Licking my lips, I tried to scoot closer to him, but I could only move an inch before the chains around my wrists stopped me.

“Atlas!” I called, trying to get his attention. Maybe if I distracted him, reminded him of before. Reminded him at least why we were here, maybe then he’d come back.

Something is coming,” He said again, this time louder. It was as if I didn’t exist. His eyes continued to bounce around the room, as he repeated that stupid saying.

I attempted to hold back a scream, knowing it wouldn’t help, but I couldn’t contain it nor could I with my anger. This was exactly what they wanted. It was only a matter of time before they broke us, but I figured we’d last longer, that Atlas would last longer. Long enough where the information we held wouldn’t be important anymore.

“Atlas!” I tried again, waving my hands as far as I could. “Please! This is exactly what they want, to break us! Don’t give in! Please!”

I could hear the desperation in my voice as I begged, but Atlas seemed unfazed by my pleas. Instead, he began to laugh a madly as he moved his arms around, causing a constant clanking noise to echo. As he laughed he continued to mutter those stupid words, the ending sounding too squeaky and high. Goosebumps ran along down my spine, and I could feel the tears well up as I watched him.

“Atlas?” My voice was dry as I choked out his name, but he didn’t notice. Still, I remained invisible to him.

Suddenly, I heard the door groan open from behind me. Turning around, I saw one of the guards come in. It was the one they referred to as Adha. She was a huge woman, built like a man, with strong, broad shoulders and large muscles. Her hair was hidden by the helmet she wore, but I saw two, short, grey strands poke out. Then there was her thick, dark scar that ran from the top right of her forehead to just beneath her chin on the left side. The only word to describe her was hideous.

“What’s all this noise?” She asked, her voice deathly deep.

Following the noise, Adha’s eyes rested on Atlas who still sat laughing madly, only now he was trying to scratch something on the ground. That’s when I noticed his eyes. They weren’t a deep, murky green anymore, but a pale blue filled with lunacy.

“Stop it!” Adha barked, unaware Atlas’s mind wouldn’t make sense of the orders. He was already gone.

Something is coming!”

“Stop it! Stop it!”

Finally, I had enough. I took a deep breath, and right before Adha could start another round of ‘stop it’s, I screamed. It was a piercing scream but seemed to break the spell over Atlas. His laughing stopped almost immediately, and Adha stood shocked looking at me.

Once I had finished, I felt something come over me. It was as if a wave of exhaustion had hit me, and I could barely manage to keep my eyes open. That’s when I looked down. The chains had melted from my wrist and into silver goop around me. My wrists were burned in a perfect circle where the chains had been, and I could feel them tingle from their newfound freedom.

It’s here,” Atlas said from across the room, his voice monotone.
Thanks to V-Rose & .amelia.'s reviews from forever ago, I used a majority of your guys' advice and suggestions! (Plus ajamwal's comment suggestion). Also, spaced out the paragraphs better so it's easier to read. Oddly enough, I'm in love with the name "Atlas" and I don't know why--but only for characters. I couldn't name my kids that lol


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