this is the turning point

learning my lesson

April 15, 2019


these are the bodies which hang
on the ceiling of Clarence street.
my friends, replaced by artificial intelligence
and grotesque shadows lurking behind
these propagated screens.
it goes without saying that my education has been in vain.
that i have spent 13 years of my life,
dedicated towards a craft not worth a penny.
that i have spent too many hours crowded over
a report card that does not reflect the outcomes i have achieved.
let them copy and paste marking guidelines until it cuts your finger.
but list it,
will you not?
tick every syllabus dot point after page 21,
make sure every student has completed square one,
and passes a single test.
and when they ask any sort of question,
shun it, unless it refers back to page 121.
i am so dim-witted,
to think this pedagogy reflects anything but you,
and a livestock of teachers
self-promoting themselves on LinkedIn like
like the same animals
you tell us to be wary about.
don’t worry nesa,
i’ve learnt my lesson.
i now know that education is means
to classify ourselves into categories of natural selection,
i didn’t get 85% - that makes me a failure.
portray the 5.1 classroom like
ingrown hairs,
like the devil is rooted within them.
oh but nesa,
you’re happy with me right.
i take all the ‘high scaling’ subjects,
and ive engrossed myself in all those menial co-curricular classes.
should i list them?
you never told me where the line was.
i think we crossed it, when we started teaching educators
that teaching students that
students are only as capable as their worst grade. 


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