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The War For Women's Rights

March 18, 2016

        Out of the many questions this world has to offer, there is one that may make many women go ballistic: should women be allowed to fight on the front lines? My opinion—yes. However, if you do not believe women should be allowed to fight on the front lines, here is some information that might change your mind.
        According to the Service Women's Action Network (SWAN), though women aren’t technically allowed to serve in combat roles, they’ve been unofficially doing so for quite some time. This being said, since 2013, the military ban on women in combat has been lifted, resulting in an opening of hundreds of thousands of additional front-line positions to women. However, according to the Defense Department, although more than 14,000 military job opportunities have opened to women, an astonishing 200,000 positions still remain exclusive to men. This includes positions from front-line infantry to high-level special operations roles. Air Force Captain Kristen Franke explains “To keep someone out of something... or restrict them when they're capable still doesn't make sense to me. Banning women from certain jobs is as archaic as the ‘Don't Ask, Don't Tell’ policy.”
        One of the main reasons why women can't serve in some roles is the need for separate sleeping quarters, and particularly the worries about women being subject to sexual crimes. Above all, the incapability to find the time and money to put in more beds of all things is astonishing to me - and should not be why women are restricted from fighting on the front lines. Some may argue that women are too sentimental and emotional to be fighting for our country,  but what a stereotype that is!
        Not only that, according to researchers for Discovery News, traditional attitudes make many people both uncomfortable with the idea of women fighting and unable to handle the image of mothers coming home in body bags. While some may see the reasoning behind this, men come home in body bags all the time. Are we saying that we only care about mothers? No matter the loss, death is death—regardless of gender. Also, women know just as well as men what they’re signing up for when they get deployed. They know that they might not come home but are willing to risk their lives to save ours.
        All-in-all, I do not see a logical explanation here as to why women are restricted from fighting on the front lines alongside men. Women are fighters. Women know what’s at stake. Women are unofficially doing it already. So why not let them be equal to men?
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