United States of America

thirteen. (oh, boy teenage years)
writer. (duh!)
funny. (at least i think so)
mrs. shawn mendes. (the wedding was a while ago)
all i need is coffee, and another nap. (actually, more like six)
talk like i text. (don't judge)

Message to Readers

haha, but let's be honest.

when you've been so lazy that you forget to post ANYTHING on WtW and then wonder why you have no notifications?

April 15, 2019


i'm pretty sure the title is self explanatory. i've been to lazy to log on WtW, then get on it four days later. i wonder why i don't have notifications?
i'm sorry to all my friends, this is definitely not my day.


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  • Jae

    thank you for the notifications!
    i'm just a lazy couch potato, gotta get of Netflix

    8 months ago
  • A Breath Into Silence

    Well, here's two notifications for you!

    I can relate....

    8 months ago
  • weirdo

    I relate to this on a personal level

    8 months ago