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How Much Homework is Enough?

March 18, 2016

    Have you ever stayed up late doing homework? You’ve had to do that at least once before! Homework causes stress, there’s no relationship between achievement, and teachers aren’t following the standard amounts. Not only that, but students don’t get enough sleep and can be unfocused during school. It seems as if teachers are now giving us more homework. The real question is, do teachers assign too much homework to students? I believe many teachers can easily overwork their students.
    Teachers are giving lots of homework assignments and overwhelming their students with that. When teachers give students more homework, it doesn’t mean it’s helping them emotionally and physically. Homework has put stress on many kids of all ages. It puts stress on entire families. Parents like to help their children with their homework, but they don’t want to do that for hours. Homework can cause stress and fights in households. Donaldson-Pressman states, “Fights and conflicts over homework were 200% more likely in families where parents did not have at least a college degree, according to the study.” Families have fights over homework and parents without a college degree feel like they can't help their kids. I always feel stressed about getting my homework done every night. If I am not able to get it all done, then I become stressed. For instance, when I have an essay due, I need to spread out the work instead of doing it in one night. Homework has brought stress among many.
    Now, little correlation between homework given and the academic achievement has been shown. If teachers give pupils a significant amount each night it doesn’t mean it’s helping them achieve. According to Donaldson-Pressman, a research in 2012 showed there was no relationship between time spent on homework and grades. I don’t see homework helping me achieve, it’s more of what I’ve learned in class. When I don’t know an answer to a homework question, I usually guess. Guessing doesn’t help me achieve academically. Homework doesn’t help students to achieve, it’s more of a practice to them. Teachers want their students to succeed, but giving students a load of homework doesn't do that.
    On this note, kids will stay up all night to finish their work. Then, they’ll come into school very tired and unconcentrated because they got very little sleep. If teachers didn’t give out so much work, kids wouldn’t be so tired and unfocused. Although it’s important for students to be able to apply what they’ve learned, they shouldn’t be staying up all night to finish. A lot of kids don’t go to sleep until midnight, and that can be a problem. On average, kids should be getting about 8 hours of sleep, but they aren’t getting enough because they stay up all night. Students have a lack of sleep because they need to finish an assignment.
    In addition, teachers are giving students way more homework than recommended by the NEA and National PTA. The standard time is 10 minutes of homework in the first-grade and all the way up to 120 minutes for seniors. A study, by The American Journal of Family Therapy, shows students in early elementary school years getting way more homework than recommended. I have at least 6 hours of homework every night, and I’m only in eighth-grade. Parents from the CNN article have stated that their kindergartners spent 25 minutes on homework. However, they’re not supposed to get homework at all. I wouldn’t want to do homework, I’d rather be outside.
    I strongly believe teachers should only give their students a little bit of homework. When I say “a little bit,” I mean a page or so for each class. We are stressed, there's little to no correlation, and we’re getting more than recommended. Teachers listen up, I would like you to consider our lives and make it easier by cutting down on the work! We don’t deserve five hours of homework every night. I would give the amount of homework recommended if I were in charge. It’s time for a change: stop giving out so much homework!
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