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Meeting You

April 15, 2019


My usual Wednesday is plain. I wake up, eat a shitty breakfast and wash windows at the Oak Street apartment. A spritz of Windex, a swipe of the squeegee, and a repeat until the window’s bird crap-free. It’s simple and the motions have become second nature. My days have been numerous, arduous, and uneventful until the cat showed up. She watched me wash the windows in her apartment and sometimes mirrored the motion of the squeegee on her side of the glass. Some times she sat as though she’d been waiting for something new to happen. This went on for weeks and it was the highlight of my once uneventful Wednesdays, but the she stopped showing up. Wednesdays numerous, arduous, and uneventful yet again and I found myself looking through the glass before or after I cleaned it just to catch a glimpse of her. For a few weeks I didn’t see her until she came back; this time, she bought a boy. The boy was about my age, technically a man, I guess. He brought a notepad in hand and wrote in shaky script HER NAME IS FATE (SHE LIKES YOU). It made me smile knowing that Faith, as I now knew her, was back. Her owner was pretty nice too. I started to enjoy Wednesdays again, with Faith watching me wash and her owner watching her. One day, his notepad came back. In his same shaky script, he wrote COFFEE? I blushed unknowingly, but sprayed Windex and wrote in an equally shaky script COFFEE SOUNDS GREAT. After a while, I thought about how this might work until one day, walking to the lift I used to washed windows, I saw Faith bounding through the tall grass. I followed her in to find her owner at their door. He scooped Faith up and looked at me. I don’t think either of us knew it, but we both blushed, I later found out. We went for coffee and I think that was the end of my numerous, arduous, and uneventful Wednesdays.


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  • Harlow

    It’s a series of unrelated ramblings based off of my friends suggestions. Learn about it my post “At Gab’s Request”

    over 1 year ago
  • mason wong

    How did you come up with this story?

    over 1 year ago