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Can Money Buy Happiness?

March 18, 2016

    What would our lives be like if we had no money?  Would we even be alive?  Money could make us happy, if it is used in the right way.  Money is the center of our world, we use money to buy all of our basic needs in life.  So the main question here is, can money buy happiness?  Some people think yes, some think no.  I believe money cannot buy happiness for multiple reasons.  Money provides the basic needs and makes life more enjoyable.  However money doesn’t create great relationships with people, money doesn’t make a successful career, you can’t buy “love” with money.
    Money is very useful.  It’s used to buy basically anything.  “Money is just a tool and having more of it does not make us happier by itself. But just like any tool, the impact is in how it is used” (Richards, 14).  Many people waste money for basic things they want, like toys, games, and much more.  But for example if you bought a vacation with family, then money could make you happy.  However the vacation might not be as fun without family, which you can’t buy with money.    
    Happiness is a feeling based on circumstances, not things.  You wouldn’t get handed money and become happy right away.  In the moment yes, you feel as if you could buy anything you want, but what if you were told you couldn’t do anything with the money, it would be meaningless.  “Emboldened by a Web site that challenges consumers to live with just 100 personal items, Ms. Strobel winnowed down her wardrobe and toiletries to precisely that number” (Rosenbloom 4).  This woman gave away practically all of her stuff.  She was still happy after keeping only 100 personal items.  People think that it doesn’t sound too hard, but there are so many things we take for granted.  With that little stuff, she is still happily married and makes a small income which she would be just fine without.
    Growing up, children want to have amazing jobs, like being an astronaut, a professional athlete, race car driver, etc.  By high school, children know what they officially want to be and can work to get there.  They get the job they want, but the reason for it was not the money.  It was because they wanted the job, no matter the salary.  Money can be the product of your happiness, but not the reason.  “Mr. Smith is completing a doctorate in physiology; Ms. Strobel happily works from home as a Web designer and freelance writer” (Rosenbloom 6).  This couple made a small amount of money but were very happy because they had each other and the jobs they wanted.
    I hope you will agree with me that money can’t buy happiness.  There is so much more to life than just spending money on nonessential wants.  If you still disagree, well. I’d be surprised.
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