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"Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear."
- George Addair

The Chill in My Bones #SomethingIsComing

April 16, 2019


The chill in your bones
Creeping up behind you
Stabbing with deadly accuracy... 

Something is Coming.

The howling wind in your ears
Ripping apart any feeling
Replacing warmth with cold... 

Something is Coming.

Deafening silence with
Shadows painting the walls
Black as the night... 

Something is Coming.

Screams pierce the night
Fear suffocating, enslaving
The innocent and young...

Something Is Coming. 

Loneliness, heartbreak
Pain and aching deep within
The moment it hit... 

Something was Coming. 
Something is Coming. 

And it's too late... 
I used to get seizures and I remember feeling a chill right before it came, but it was always too late to tell anyone. I don't have them anymore, which is a miracle, but I still remember it. 

This is for Gray_1604's contest, #SomethingIsComing!


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