April 16, 2019

I am a caged bird,
But I can be free,
Only if I want to be.

So badly I want to be free,
But the society won't let me be.

You are a girl you can't be free,
They say the boys will snatch away my respect from me.

From a young age they create a fright,
That girls shouldn't be out at night.
If a girl goes out in night,
Then her character is not right.
If a girl stays out whole night,
Then she is given the title of a slut.

Boys can do whatever they want,
But you can't since you are a girl.

Boys can enjoy their life a lot,
But you can't because you are a girl and  it's your fault.

Boys are strong so they can fight,
But you are not so you can't ask for your right.

From the very beginning girls are taught,
You are weak so you can not talk.
Even if something wrong is done with you,
You are at fault so don't talk.

Everyday girls are being raped,
Boys are snatching our respect away.

The raped girl is suffering a lot,
But no one will bother the rapist at all.

No one will ask what the rapist wore,
But everyone will question about the girls costume.

If she wore a short dress then she is a slut,
Even if she covered her self  then also she is at fault.

What's her fault if it's asked,
She is a girl, they will answer.

No one will ask the boy why he was out at night,
But everyone will ask the girl saying her character is not right.

No one will question the boys character,
But everyone will point their fingers at her.

Even after this the girl won't protest against it,
Cause she's been taught that she was at the fault.

Once in a while a fighter girl is born,
Who will try to fight for her own.

But even if she fights to establish her respect,
Nothing will be done to help her in that.

She will fight with all she can,
But she will be the sufferer of a new case again.

She will be the sufferer of acid throwing or sexual harassment,
By the rapist and his men.

The girl will suffer her whole life,
But the rapist will be free to play with another life.

Day by day, gradually,
Her soul will be taken from her within.

The rapist will survive but the girl will die,
But it's her fault nobody will deny.

Slowly she will die from inside,
One day she will give away her life.

Even after all these, the rapist won't be punished,
And the society will point her fault even after she's vanished.

Everyday I see this in front of me,
But that can't take the will to be free from within me.

So I decided to fight against it,Not with weapons but with words,
I am ready for the changes to be brought.

Everyday I make them understand,
Nothing can be done if you don't change.

No one listen to me as I am small,
But that doesn't make me hopeless at all.

Cause I know that one day everything will change,
Also the society and it's evil clutches.

I know I am still a caged bird,
But I also know that I can be free,
And enjoy my life as I wish.

Not only me but all girls will be free,
From the evil clutches of the society.

So everyday I wish for the same,
For our society to be changed.
So that the world can be safe for all,
Not only boys but also girls.
From then not only boys ,
But also girls will get their freedom.

But freedom isn't something which is got from birth,
It is something which needs to be earned,
So I request all the girls,
To do what you can for your freedom to be earned.

~The End~
I don't know why I wrote on this topic. I just wanted to show the condition of the girls in my country and sub-continent. I know it's not good enough, it just shows a bit of what happens with the girls here mostly. Moreover, writing poem is new for me. This is my second one so my writing isn't good too. So sorry for the mistakes.


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