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Football Is All Bad… Right? I Beg To Differ

March 18, 2016

Every parent hates to see their child get hurt. The look on their face, makes your own face cringe. I know football is a dangerous sport, but shouldn't we all take risks in life? Kids should take risks and learn from them. In football, you learn to not repeat mistakes. Mistakes make you a better person and help you grow as an individual.
     I am a football player. I am an offensive lineman and I get hit all the time. Yes it hurts in the morning, but it gives you so many more things in return. I got in shape, never had a injury related to football, and learned a lot from it. When Scott Fujita, a former NFL linebacker, asked about his early life to describe football, he says, “It was tackle football. And I loved it.” (
    Yes, football is a leading cause in concussions. Football is nearly as concussive as biking, that's right, practically identical. Concussions happen with biking when people don’t make their kids wear a helmet. It’s ok by the general public to bike without a helmet, but they don't let their child play football, with full helmets and pads, because it's too dangerous? That makes no sense. Another thing is, a study conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found, "organized football among 5-to-15-year-olds had 12 per- cent fewer injuries per capita than organized soccer for the same age group. Football also had 50 percent fewer injuries than bike riding and 74 percent fewer than skateboarding." ( As you can see, football is blamed even though soccer and skateboarding cause more injuries. Football, isn't all bad.
    Second of all, football teaches life lessons, such as discipline, social skills,and leadership. As said in a news report taken from hlntv, Ben Garland (The Broncos guard) says, when asked if he would let his son play football,  “I would. Football provides so much, like leadership. From a fitness standpoint, you look better, you feel better. I think it helps you out in life in a lot of ways.” ( As you can see, even the Pros, who get hit hard and know the struggles, believe football is a great sport. Michigan State University (MSU) conducted a study on 701 public middle schools and found physically active students scored higher on leadership and empathy skills. (
    Finally, it increases your grades. Over the past 10 years, MSU did a study and found student athletes did 10% better at science, english, math, and social studies than non athletic students. Also, most student athletes have a full point higher GPA than non-athletic students. (
    As you can see, football is not all cuts and bruises. It develops your knowledge, social skills and so much more. It gets you in shape and teaches you life lessons too. That’s everything you want in a sport. So I beg you, let your kids be kids and play some football! Hike!
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