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Blue Cactus

April 15, 2019

My friend is green.
My sister is green.
My mother is green.
I’m blue.

I bleed blue…
Blue blue blue blood
Bad blood
Blue blood

I look like an oasis.

Animals approach,
Thinking I’m water.
As they take a bite,
They bleed, bodies bloated with blue blood.

I’m a shard of blue glass
trapped in an hourglass.

Not red,
Not green,
Not white.

Even my flowers are blue.

I wish I could be an orchid
A blue rose
A forget-me-not
But I’m a blue cactus

My spikes drip with blue misery
Tears spilled by my victims
Who weren’t happy with a red rose
They just had to go look

For a blue cactus.


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