Waterbones // First Swim

April 15, 2019

ocean tastes of blue blood, shaken. girl agape. swallowing her
darkness by the fistful. she is toenails drenched in ice-coated

sweat and mother’s drain perfume. tasting citrus and death. her fingers
play numb, melon-charred, grappling for surface, for throes of plasticky pink.

girl afloat. planets ripped out of her spine. space breathing in the
emptiness beneath her soles and corpse-slung grounds. lost. her speech

woven through throttled gasps, seaweed, aching unintelligible. words
clustered in a thread of blubber and bones. there is no answer. there

never was. girl awoke. lashes soaked with blister and salt-wounded tears. rusty
rubble specks the crimson ashes. broken. found. girl ablaze. her eyes blur towards

murky blacks, canvas rather than girl. a castle of rouge and waterbones. boneless or dust?
broken or rot? her lightness sweet beyond touch; her wave stains barely reach shore.

the water trapped in her lungs tastes like molten breath. girl aflame.


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  • loveletterstosappho

    i wrote a review for the first one you published that didn't save before you unpublished lmao so i'll be sure to write one for this later!

    over 1 year ago