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Reagan Exley

United States

The Last Tree

April 15, 2019

To be truly lonely is to be
surrounded by acres of forest, but the only tree.

Friend by Friend,
Tree by Tree,
One by One,
They left me.
My heart longs for company,
No friendly face left to see.

They stole my heart and left a void.
I cry for my world is destroyed.
Gave me a destiny I can't avoid.
An empty home never to be enjoyed.

Birds no longer spread their wings.
No more babies born in spring.
Animals have forgotten how to sing.
All creatures died as did the joy they bring.

I miss the blue in the sky,
I miss staring way up high.
Dark and smokey, do they truly wonder why,
They should have thought before they made the trees die.

The world is becoming warm,
Every day another storm.
Climate change is the new norm.
An Earth forever transformed.

Soil avalanches instead of snow.
Vicious wind unleashes a fierce blow,
Erosion is what's left to show,
Forests die and plants cease to grow.

Cities rise in our place.
Children don't play and chase.
Not even an inch of free space.
For our world is just a disgrace.

Burn us down, fire away.
Clear cut all night and day!
But once we're gone, you won't know what to say.
Well, I guess that is just the price you pay

With all of the trees brutally killed.
No more forests are left to rebuild.
A pitiful attempt to be more skilled.
The human race never, ever fulfilled.

More money, fewer trees.
Don't people hear my plea?
"Poems are made by fools like me
But only God can make a tree"¹
¹ Kilmer, Joyce. “Trees.” Trees and Other Poems, 1913.


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