Taja Smith

United States

I love to write fiction books that I hope to publish someday. I'm well on my way to achieving a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing.

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Dialogue is key in any work.

Life As I Know It

April 14, 2019

Messed up town,
Danger never around.
Public school?
No, homeschool's cool.
World famous ancestors?
No, just mediocres.
A wanna-be star
when your chances are behind the bar.
Raised with the greats
but put with the lates.
No. Flopportunity.
Am I taking a chance
to get brought upon a first glance?
Am I taking a stance
to try and keep my balance?
Am I what I want to be?
Do I execute my life properly?
I accept when I'm known as a trier.
I despise when I'm put any higher.
I ask if I'm true to myself in the mirror
but I don't know life as I know it either.


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