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Everyone should read this piece by the ever talented A Breath Into Silence:

Message to Readers

Hi! I'm looking for general feedback on whether this make sense, ways I can make it better, and also it doesn't feel quite finished to me so ideas on ways to move forward. Thanks!

Contemplation From My Counterpart

April 15, 2019

I can hear the echo of my face screaming at me all morning
It tells me things
Things I might not want to hear

The glass is just there, clean, shimmery, poised, perfect
What I long to be

One quick glance and it tells me I’m okay
On closer inspection I see more
Today it’s laugh lines from years of listening to dad jokes
Yesterday it was the smudges of dirt I had clinging to my face like fuzz on velcro

Sometimes I’ll look just so I can get some validation
One quick glance, that’s all I need
Because it tells me the same thing if it’s just for a second like always
I’m fine
I look fine

That second turns into minutes

Then the girl in mirror tells me a story

She says that she is made up of an accumulation of bad decisions
She says that I should stop listening to the lies people tell me that I'm beautiful
She says I don’t have to look very hard to see imperfection
She tells me how much I look like trash and how I’m her definition of disappointment

Those minutes turn into hours

The girl in the mirror tells me another story

She says that if I look close enough I’ll find beauty
She says happiness is something she’s had for a very long time
but lately it’s been clouded by this need to fit into standards that aren’t her own
She says her life time has been full of good days
and bad days
But she likes to persevere
She says that she’s content with herself but not appreciative enough
She’s says she’s incomplete but she’s constantly on the lookout for the missing piece

She says she hopes we can be friends


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