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Crucial Parts of My Bookshelf

April 14, 2019

PROMPT: Bookshelf

So this year, my target is to read at least fifteen books, out of which I have finished only six and am trying to read two books at the same time- one borrowed from a friend, the other from a library. I did read ten amazing books last year but I would like to suggest three books I read this year. [WARNING- These suggestions are super dramatic but I promise, they are true.]

1.Title- The Rosie Project
   Author- Graeme Simsion
   Genre- Fiction, Romance
   Synopsis- This is a book which is kind of a love story, but not. I mean the main character Don, a geneticist has embarked       on a journey to find the perfect wife and has made a questionnaire called The Wife Project on the same. Then, he meets     Rosie, a girl who is opposite of all the traits he wants in a girl, and who is trying to find her real father with which                 Don can help. It may seem super generic, but I promise you it is not- just give it a try.

2. Title- The Hunger Games
    Author- Suzanne Collins
    Genre- Utopian and dystopian fiction, Science fiction, Drama, Action Fiction
    Synopsis- This is a well-known book, and after reading it, you'll know why. If you crave adventure, action and thriller,this      is the best way. A seventeen year old girl Katniss Everdeen is participating in The Hunger Games wherein only one player      lives in the end, will it be her?

3. Title- The Fault In Our Stars
    Author- John Green
    Genre- Fiction, Romance
    Synopsis-  Hazel Lancaster is a 16-year old girl suffering with thyroid cancer, who falls in love with 17-year old boy                Augustus Waters, who is an amputee. This is an extremely amazing books filled with every emotion ever known to                mankind. It makes you laugh, cry, and angry. 


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  • BrokenSmile

    Wohoo hunger games! I’ve read the whole series, and it’s great!

    12 months ago