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Drug Testing On Students

March 28, 2016

    Since 2003 school districts have thought about random drug testing in schools. However not all schools have been in favor of this. Most students who do drugs don’t want to have this at their school because they think they will get in trouble. But the opposite could actually happen. They will have a chance to go to rehab and have a better life than they did when they did drugs.
    Students should get drug tested for their own safety and for others. If one person does drugs and convinces their other friends to do drugs they will most likely get pressured and start doing drugs. In 2002 a survey found that 46% of students at public high schools there was drug use compared to 24% in private schools. But later on in 2012 the numbers jumped to 61% in public schools and 54% in private schools. Imagine how much there will be in the future!
    Schools are only doing this to help students be healthy. In 1985 Becton Regional High School had a urine test for drugs  were they contacted the  student's parents if they did drugs. Dennis A. Maycher the school board attorney said, “If we can get somebody clean for 30 days or one day, it's a step in the right direction.” So schools are only doing this to help the students not to tell on them.
    Using drugs can have many negative consequence. They could lead to very bad actions that you will later on regret that you did. “When you use drugs, it can change how well you make decisions, how well you think, and how quickly you can react. And it can make it hard for you to control your actions”, stated the Healthwise staff. This would be a bad thing if you are on drugs at school and you end up doing something you aren't suppose to, and start looking suspicious.
    My feelings towards drugs is that they are unexceptable. If school districts can help out students it will give them a better future. This would be a good thing for everyone. The students would be drug free, the parents would be less worried also will the teachers. 

Marisol J.
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